Our "Gourmands"Team //

  • Gilles – CEO, rather tobacco

Gilles is the team right cerebrum. He felt into the eliquids many years ago, and his dream is to create amazing aromas, with sometimes doubtful arrangements in order to find out the Holy Grail for the vape.


  • Philippe – Deputy CEO, Strong menthol

Philippe is  the team left cerebrum. After working for many years in food industry, he is inflexible on bringing the authenticity of the flavors. He is as in inflexible on the flavors aspect as on the management of the company.


  • Vanessa  – Sector Development, frankly apple

Vanessa is “the strong arm” of both hemispheres. She doesn’t smoke, but she’s teeming all the time : coordination, research, marketing, and development… here are her daily goals…


  • Anne Gaël  – Sales Director, bluntly banana

Anne Gaël is a feet : energetic, tireless and courgeous  ! Trained as Psychologist, she understand, more than nobody, our clients expectations or the meaning of partnership in a sales relation.


  • Vijay  – Research Supervisor, gourmet mixture

Vijay is both our tongue and our nose. He is our flavourist. He’s a globetrotter and he found out his creativity in many travels all over he world. Hence, he is the best for creating and associating many flavours in order to just say, “Whaou ! it’s just good!”… “C’est juste bon.”